The Story begins in the fair town of Lightbreach in the large continent of Yerrsal.
Yerrsal was, at one point, locked in a battle as a conspiracy led to the assassination of one of the nobles of Lightbreach as he was proclaimed to be a follower of Orcus, a highly opposed God, worshipping Orcus was not forbidden but it was heavily frowned upon. However, as the war spread into the other cities the Lords decided that it was time that they stomped out the resistors. Many were put to death and many more were arrested, since the end of this war worship of Orcus has been outlawed along with worshipping other such Gods that are believed to be affiliated to the root of the problem, the main of these being Asmodeus.
For the most part however, religion of the neutral and `good` Gods was, in general, stronger than it had ever been. As is to be expected though, dark cults still hosted but with much more secrecy than they had previously. It was not that they were hard to find if you truly searched for them, merely that they preferred to keep to themselves and others were either not proactively against the idea behind the cult, were secretly part of the cult or were simply too lazy to act against this and as a result the darker sides, as long as they remained mostly concealed, were simply ignored.
Everything was kept hushed in Lightbreach and it was overall a rather pleasant town to be in as the darker worshippers preferred to stay away from Lightbreach as it was mainly a Pelor worshipping town and, as a result, wasn’t hesitant to take harsh action against the worshippers of the `corrupt` Gods.

Lightbreach is simply your run-of-the-mill town, mostly flatlands aside from a rather large hill at the top of which resided a rather large manor that almost appeared to be a palace. The sun shone brightly over the town as the streets were abuzz with people, the town almost seemed festive and the air was that of a prosperous village, the economy was good, the people were happy and all seemed well, perfect to introduce our first hero, right?

Among the least crowded part of the market, in which resided several shops such as; a general store, a weapons store, a magical items store and a library, stood a man. This man had a slim and streamline build, long hair that bordered brown and black as well as a rich brown eye colour. However, present in his left eye was a small, difficult to spot, patch of silver indicating that the man had, at one point, had something wrong with it. The man seemed guarded as though he was paranoid and it was quite easy to notice that he skirted around particularly large crowds. This man is Christian Lennard.
Christian didn’t come from Lightbreach, he arrived there mere months earlier as he left his hometown. After the Lords had sent a legion in order to purge a small town of Orcus cultists Christian was found in a crib with nothing but the clothes, the crib and a tag with his name on it. He grew up in the town relatively happy but emigrated as he has always had a habit of following of his natural instinct which, for some unknown reason, drew him to Lightbreach.



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